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TWP Stain | Total Wood Preservative - TWP 100 Series by Amteco®

TWP - Total Wood Preservative

Total Wood Preservative Deck and Furniture Finish (TWP 100 Series)

1 gal can - $ 31.50 (some colors more)
5 gal can - $ 150.00 (some colors more)

TWP 100 Stain twp stain bulk price






TWP 101 Natural

TWP 102

TWP 102 Redwood

TWP 103

TWP 103 Dark Oak

TWP 105

TWP 105 Cape Cod Gray

TWP 106

TWP 106 Prarie Gray

TWP 115


TWP 116


TWP 120



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  • Coverage Rate for TWP 100 is 200 to 400 square feet.
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NOTE: TWP 100 Stain can not be shipped to CA, CT, DC, DE, IL, IN, ME, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT, VA and CANADA - Please see TWP 1500 for a comprable product.

  • TWP 100 STAIN is an EPA registered wood preservative which contains a unique combination of chemicals which preserve and enhance the natural warmth, beauty and integrity of new and old wood. TWP  100 SERIES penetrates deeply into wood without excessive surface film build, highlighting existing grain patterns with amazing clarity and warmth and is specifically designed to provide protection against the four major causes of wood degradation, wood rot, water, sunlight and mildew. TWP® 100 STAIN will not crack, peel or blister making maintenance an easy task to perform for extended wood protection.
  • 100 SERIES is designed for use on new and old wood siding, fencing, decking and log homes. Refer to the Product Data Sheet (PDS) for preparation, cleaning and application instructions. This product is for exterior above ground use only.
  • TWP 100 Coverage Rate is 200-400 sq. ft. per gallon.  TWP 100 series is designed to penetrate the wood surface and not build a film.  Apply as much material as the wood can absorb.  Over application may leave an ouly residue on the surface and may cause premature failure of the stain.  Any material that has not penetrated 3 hours after application must be removed.
  • TWP 100 SERIES is available in 8 popular colors and clear. TWP 100 Clear is not intended for color retention and will allow the wood to gray naturally.

USE TWP 100 Stain for:

Rough Sawn Cedar Wood Siding
Porch Decking Fences
Pressure Treated Woods Shakes
Shutters Fascia



TWP Stain Preservative 100 TWP - Total Wood Preservative

1 gal can - $ 31.50 (some colors more)
5 gal can - $ 150.00 (some colors more)

TWP Stain twp stain bulk price

twp-stain discount



NEW WOOD: All new wood must be thoroughly saturated and exposed to either rain or water; three or more times to open the wood grain and remove excess surface tannins. Allow a minimum of 48 hours of good drying conditions before applying TWP® 100.

OLD WOOD: Rinse surface with 3:1 mix of water and household bleach to remove mildew; use wood bleach to brighten wood and follow with 1500 p.s.i. power washer to remove dead surface fiber. Allow a minimum of 48 hours of good drying conditions before applying TWP® 100.

PRESSURE TREATED WOOD: Allow at lest 1 month of age before treating with TWP® 100.

PREVIOUSLY STAINED WOOD: Remove all of the old finish with power washing or paint stripper when necessary. Failure to remove the existing finish will result in a blotchy TWP® 100 applications due to uneven penetration and discoloration of aged finish.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: MIX THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING TWP 100! Apply with brush, roll, spray, and wiping cloth or applicator pad. Do not apply below 40° F, if rain is anticipated with 48 hours or heavy dew is present.


TWP 100 should be applied at 100-400 sq.ft/gal. with brush, roll or spray. Rate will vary depending on wood porosity. Remove excess or puddled material that has not penetrated after 15 minutes with a paint pad or dry roller. Recoat over porous wood may be done as a wet on wet application. Allow to dry to touch overnight. Walking on TWP 100 before it is dry will cause tracking.

Because horizontal surfaces are subject to harsher conditions (foot traffic, standing water, deck furniture, spills, etc.) than vertical surfaces, they may require more frequent maintenance coats.

DRY TIME: 24-72 hours depending on drying conditions. Drying conditions will vary greatly depending on applied film thickness and weather conditions.


No thinning required of TWP 100. Use mineral spirits for equipment clean up.

Rag Disposal- Lay used rags in a single layer outdoors and allow to air dry for 24 hours. To minimize the chance of spontaneous combustion typical of natural drying oils, place rags in water filled metal container for disposal.


This product is toxic to fish. Do not contaminate water by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes.

PHYSICAL DATA: (Typical for all of the TWP® 100 series)

  • Solids by Weight 34-42%
  • Solids by Volume 25-29%
  • Weight per Gallon 6.9-8.3
  • Pigment 2.50-7.0%
  • Maximum Coating VOC 550 grams/liter

TWP Total Wood Preservative 100 TWP - Total Wood Preservative

1 gal can - $ 31.50 (some colors more)
5 gal can - $ 150.00 (some colors more)

amteco twp 100 twp stain bulk price

twp-stain discount